New HVAC program heats up EHOVE

The community has asked and EHOVE Career Center has answered.

In response to an increased demand in the area for HVAC services, EHOVE Career Center started an adult education program in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in September 2022. A high school version of the program is slated to start in September 2023. 

“Advisory members and local businesses have been asking for this particular program for years,” says EHOVE Career Center Assistant Director Charlie Warthling. “EHOVE has now answered that request by starting this program and bettering our community in many ways.”

What is it: The HVAC adult program is a full-time, nine-month program that requires a high school diploma, according to EHOVE Trades & Industry Department Coordinator Jamie Starcher. HVAC professionals service public buildings, commercial buildings and residences throughout the area. Enrollment is open now.

The two-year high school program called HVAC Tech, will start in the 2023 school year. Students who are currently high school sophomores can apply now, according to Assistant Director Charlie Warthling. Openings are still available. Accepted students will attend the program for their junior and senior years of high school.

Why is it important: There is a huge demand for employees in this field locally, Starcher says via email. This program has the ability to lessen the shortage and, in turn, provide better customer service.

HVAC equipment sits in the lab during renovations.“There are many local HVAC companies looking for trained employees,” Starcher says. “The current shortage of skilled technicians in our area impacts how quickly customers can get service.”

Current HVAC technician student Ken Buraszeski of Sandusky notes how impactful the program has been to his life.

“I never knew that returning to school after 25, I could enjoy it,” Buraszeski says via email. “I have a better appreciation for learning new things.”

How to get involved: For information on either program, visit EHOVE’s website or call 419-499-4663. You can also visit the EHOVE Trades & Industry Facebook page, where VIP students like Buraszeski post about their experiences as a student in the program. VIPs are students who are trained and trusted to post on an official EHOVE social media page.