A PAWsome business: Puckett’s Pups aims to treat every canine like family

What is it: Puckett’s Pups, a family-centric doggie daycare and boarding facility located in Marblehead, has quickly become a top dog facility in the area for its emphasis on treating every pup like family while providing structure, routine and comfort.

While Puckett's Pups has been open since January 2022, the team recently made updates to its facility, including new gates and beds, and also started offering merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and dri-fit long-sleeved shirts. This summer, Puckett's is planning to incorporate a new lobby as part of a larger expansion.

Puckett's started training her SIberian Husky before opening Puckett's Pups.Samantha Puckett, owner of Puckett’s Pups, is a Marblehead native who graduated from the University of Toledo in 2020. In college, Puckett worked with her Siberian Husky, Remington, on emotional support training. That's when she found a passion for working with dogs to better their skills and overall well-being. After moving home due to the pandemic, Samantha discovered the lack of doggie daycare and boarding facilities in the area. Fast forward two years, and Puckett’s Pups was born. 

“I did training with emotional support dogs and I really enjoyed the training side of it…but with something in my soul, I imagined owning my own business working with dogs,” Puckett says. “I realized we didn’t have any daycare or boarding close to us.”

Embracing comfort and routine: Puckett’s Pups sets itself apart from other doggie daycare and boarding facilities by focusing on the comfort of the dogs while providing necessary structure and routine. Their expansive facility spreads outdoors and indoors and uses open-top kennels, with wood detailing and no chains or links.

Their furry clients can bring their own beds, toys, and blankets to provide comfort and feel like each kennel is their own personal space. During the pup's stay, the majority of the days are playtime with other dogs; however, Puckett’s Pups understands the need for routine, so nap time is from 12-2 p.m. each day (which includes a well-deserved treat). This allows the dogs a break and rest.

Remington sits in one of the kennels at Puckett's Pups.“A dog being able to enjoy their space and be comfortable with their kennel is something we strive for,” Puckett says. “We try to make it a homier boarding daycare but with structure. Dogs are similar to children in that they need structure to grow.”

Consistency is key: Puckett’s Pups loves to see returning clients with happy, wagging tails. The facility stresses the importance of consistency if owners want their dogs to be successful and thrive in a boarding environment. Boarding a pup routinely helps them feel more at home and comfortable with the facility, allowing for a safer, more positive experience for the dogs, owners, and staff, Puckett says. 

“I have a lot of great puppies that have grown up with us the past two years and they're so excited to come with happy tails because they know where they are and who they're with and mom and dad are still going to come pick them up at the end of the day,” she says.

How to get involved: Puckett’s Pups offers a variety of boarding and daycare options and packages to allow both flexibility and consistency. To ensure the safety of all furry clients and staff, each new pup must pass a temperament test and be up to date on vaccinations.

To learn more about Puckett’s Pups, follow their Facebook page for updates and visit their website for booking reservations.

“Choose us because we create a safe but fun atmosphere and space for your dog,” Puckett says. “Our goal is a homey experience. Your dogs are a part of our family.”