Local woman takes her love of snacking and turns it into a creative passion

The term charcuterie comes from two French words: “chair” which means “flesh,” and “cuit” which means “cooked.” This makes charcuterie just a fancy word for cured meat. In my house growing up, this is what most referred to as a “meat and cheese tray.” However, what Tori Gaines is creating is so much more than just your average plastic plate of cheese and pepperoni.

What is it: Gaines lovingly refers to her company as her “baby.” And that is because everything that is done there is done by her and her alone.

“From the marketing, to the setups at events is all me and I love it that way," Gaines says.

Boards by Tori is an event and catering company that can create, deliver, or set up elaborate meat, cheese, dessert and even breakfast tables, boxes, and boards of any size.

Uniqueness in boards is apparent and very important to Gaines. Striving to make every order different from the last one, customers can expect to get a change each time. It can be with the items she includes, the organization of the board, or the sprinkle of décor on top. A quick look at her Facebook page allows you to see how, not only delicious, but beautiful and eloquent the charcuterie boards can be designed. It’s food that is charming in its arrangement.

Boards by Tori offers a variety of charcuterie board options. (Photo/Courtesy of Tori Gaines)History of the business: Creating culinary creations is something Gaines has always loved to do.

"I’ve always been a huge snacker," Gaines says. "Ever since my kids were little I have gone above and beyond for our movie nights, sleepovers, and just everyday snacks. Last year I started to post pictures of my creations during the holidays and it just blew up after that." 

The most important thing that Gaines wants customers to know is that her business came from “dedication, tears, strength and most of all, faith.”

“Everyone loves food, it’s even better when it’s displayed beautifully,” she says.

Living and working in Huron: She quotes her business ethos to be “wholesome.” Her leap of faith comes from “a good place, a good family.” 

That’s what she loves most about Huron and having a business based out of there – the wholesomeness. Living in the area her whole life, she has been in Huron for the last two years.

“We love it here," Gaines says. "The people care about small business and community.”

For information on Boards by Tori, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.