I can see your HALO: The HALO beauty lounge opens in the Marketplace at the Cooke

What is it: The HALO beauty lounge is shining bright in its spot in downtown Sandusky. The salon opened its doors July 1 at the Marketplace at the Cooke, 133 E. Market St. and is the brainchild of owner Courtney Bergman, who previously owned Dylan Olivia’s Salon in Port Clinton for nine years.

“After moving full time to Sandusky and commuting the past three from Sandusky, I decided to relocate my business to my current town,” Bergman says via a recent email interview.

The HALO is home to four stylists: Candace Dodd, Payton Herevia, Brianna McDonald, and Bergman.

“We wanted a simple environment where the vibe was healthy and we could spend the majority of our energy focusing on the client in our chair and personal growth,” Bergman said. “I have worked with these three girls in the industry the past few years and we have a strong bond, same focus and same goals. It was an easy fit for all of us!”

Why the Marketplace: The intimate setting of the Marketplace is just what Bergman hoped for.

“My fiancé and I along with my three children frequent the downtown on a daily basis and had an idea of a smaller space being in the marketplace,” she says. “At The HALO we are able to honor that with our smaller boutique space. As we walked in [the Marketplace] I saw a’ For Rent’ sign and immediately had a vision as we approached the space.”

Bergman says she wanted to create a spot where everyone would feel welcome.
“We want everyone to be comfortable and to honor all ages whether you’re one year old or 100 years old,” Bergman says. “My inspiration was a speakeasy environment. Calm, comfy, and fun! This is not your traditional ‘beauty salon.’”

Why Sandusky: Bergman says she and the stylists at The HALO have been welcomed into downtown Sandusky, both by business owners and community members. They’ve been so welcomed, in fact, that they’ve opened their schedules more to accommodate the 41 new clients they gained since opening.

“We feel the city of Sandusky has its own vibe, and we couldn’t wait to tap into it,” Bergman says. “This city is amazing and I just wanted to be part of it.”

Services provided: The HALO beauty lounge offers hair services including both men and women’s haircuts, coloring, extensions and chemical treatments. To make an appointment, visit the business website or call 419-602-1977. You can also check out their work on Instagram and Facebook.