Uncovering history in a new Sandusky vacation rental

What is it: A new vacation rental property is ready for its first season of visitors. The home, located at 1028 Hayes Ave., is conveniently located right across the street from Firelands Regional Medical Center and a short walk from downtown Sandusky. The home boasts four bedrooms (two vaulted primaries), 3.5 baths, a full kitchen and off-street parking for up to four vehicles.

History of the home: Owner Jeff Krabill says he learned quite a few tidbits about the two-story home, built in the 1930s, during renovations. 

“Once we got the property completely emptied, walls demolished, etc, we discovered an interesting bit of history,” says Krabill via an email interview. “It appears that the original house was a single floor. At some point later, the owners decided to add an upstairs; however, they did so in a fascinating way. They jacked the roof up, built the second floor under it, then lowered the roof back down onto the new second story.”

That’s not the only fun find Krabill and his team discovered.

“When we were tearing out an old, unused chimney, we found a carpenter’s wool vest,” the Sandusky resident says. “If you’ve ever seen old-time photos, carpenters often wore wool vests on the job.”

Krabill hopes to highlight some of the home’s history both in and outdoors.

“We were always thinking about what could be saved during the renovation,” Krabill says. “The original cedar siding was a nice surprise when I was removing some of the modern tiles that covered the cedar. Areas where we needed to patch were patched using cedar siding to match the original."

Krabill says he and his team also repurposed some of the original wood structure by making handrails from them and salvaging the existing yellow pine flooring upstairs.

 Inspiration for the project: Krabill owns the commercial property next door and saw the opportunity to improve the conditions in the home. At the time, though, he was uncertain what he planned to do with the home.

“I was looking for a reno project, so we moved to buy it,” he says.

Once the project was complete, Krabill decided that his best option would be to use the house as a short-term rental.

Lauralee’s Legacy: Krabill has dedicated the home to his late wife, Lauralee Krabill, who died in June 2021. Lauralee Krabill was a well-known and loved nurse and educator in the community. 

"Lauralee was always so much a part of the Sandusky community," Krabill says. "So it seemed appropriate that there be a tangible reminder of how much she meant to so many.”

How to book: Search for the property through Airbnb by typing in "LLH” or "Lauralee’s Legacy House." You can also contact Corrie Solly-Majoy, Vacation Rental Management, at 419.366.6336 or [email protected]