Firelands Adventure Tours introduces new tours, stops

What is it: Firelands Adventure Tours are getting even more adventurous for the 2023 season. 

Guests can now enjoy three new tours through the business, including a lighthouse tour, a beers and bourbon tour, and a new winery tour.

The new tours “feature the rich resources of our region as well as a new approach to tourism,” says Dick Ries, who owns and operates Firelands Adventure tours along with Jim Ervin.

Firelands Adventure Tours, which previously debuted a wine-tasting tour of three Sandusky-based wineries, has expanded to offer a similar tour in Vermilion. Through work with Main Street Vermilion, a second wine-tasting tour is available for three wineries in the Vermilion area called "Firelands East Wine Adventure."

“Vermilion–like Sandusky–has rich resources that many are not aware of and don’t take advantage of,” Ries says. “The wineries that we’ve chosen in the Vermilion area have some very different approaches to wines and this offers a variety of experiences for guests. Different locations and new experiences add to our ability to provide enriching experiences for our guests.”

Vermilion is also included as a stop on the new "Beacons of Light: Lighthouse Tour," where guests visit four lighthouses on the Lake Erie shore and learn the histories of the men and women who were their keepers. At two of the lighthouses, guests will have the opportunity to climb to the top if they choose. 

The popularity of local breweries and new local distillery has led to the "Beers and Bourbons Tour." Award-winning brews and bourbons are “on tap” as part of guests’ tasting experience as they visit breweries and a distillery, hear their stories, and enjoy their products.

In addition to their own tours, Firelands Adventure Tours is working with Shores and Islands Ohio to offer “step-on” tours. Shores and Islands Ohio identified an opportunity for tours that include large numbers of people. 

“Understanding the opportunity to showcase our area to large groups, we stepped up to the challenge and created our new ‘step-on’ tours,” Ries says.

Recently, 50 guests took the "Sandusky's Underground Railroad Tour: Port to Freedom," using their bus with Ries as the tour guide.  Step-on tours are available for any tour with some advanced planning.

How to book: Visit Firelands Adventure Tours’ website for information and to schedule your adventure.