Norwalk Wellness Center opens under new owners and new name

Formerly known as Northern Ohio Cryotherapy, the Metzgers saw an opportunity for this already successful business to grow even more. Located at 461 Milan Ave., Suite 8, Norwalk Wellness Center offers a range of health services.

Wellness is a passion for both husband and wife. Currently, Brandi is finishing a master’s degree in dietetics and hopes to move a nutrition/dietician-based service into their business as well. Erich owns a few businesses across the country but wanted to have a personal impact on his community close to home.

The couple changed the name to Norwalk Wellness Center because they felt this name encompassed more of what they were offering to the community. 

Services Offered: Patrons will be happy to know that the duo kept all existing services and simply added more to better help Norwalk residents. In fact, during the acquisition, they never even shut down to make the changes. In addition to the cryotherapy, other service offered are:
  • Red light therapy
  • Compression sleeves
  • Infrared saunas
  • CryoSkin (Non-surgical lipo)
The team is looking to add a chiropractor, physical therapist, and a massage therapist. Luckily, the store has space to accommodate this. Erich notes that the center even partners with Lake Erie Aesthetics for pop ups where clients can take advantage of treatments such as Botox and IV therapies.

Community Importance:  Erich hails from Toledo; however, Brandi is from Norwalk. The two met at work and landed in Norwalk with their three kids since it is such a great place to raise a family. 

Community is important to the Metzgers – Erich is even the high school wrestling coach. This is also evidenced by the fact that they retained most of the staff already working at the business – two of whom are high school students. They want to “encompass the youth in the area” and give them working opportunities “other than flipping burgers.”

Erich’s hope is that having a job working at a Wellness Center will help spark interest in a medical field that could lead to a career path. In fact, two of the part-time workers they employ are family members of the previous owners with whom they have a great continued relationship. They wanted to “keep it in the family,” Erich says. 

The Metzgers want to give other kids in the area the same opportunity to find their passion by giving them the chance to work in the wellness industry. 

Why Norwalk Wellness Center: Erich says there isn’t a single most popular amenity at the store. He notes that it’s really a “healthy mix, depending on the client.”

Cryotherapy and sauna treatments are popular, and red-light therapy has the most medical case studies on it. Erich wants residents to know that his business is mostly about “long-term over-all care.”

“So many of our services help with recovery for athletes of every age,” he says. “But it can help pain and offers benefits to protect your body as well.”

While the center does not take insurance, Erich notes that most of their services are cheaper than a co-pay.

Appointments can be made by calling 419-677-0424 or by booking online. You can find out more about the Norwalk Wellness Center on their Facebook, website, Instagram and even on Tiktok.