How sweet it is: Just in time for sweet corn season, Puckrin Farms debuts new drive thru barn

What is it: Customers at Puckrin Farms will be greeted with a new entrance when they pull in to buy their ears of sweet corn this summer.

A new barn on the Puckrin property, 4510 Campbell St., will serve as a drive thru for the popular Puckrin’s sweet corn business. The 40 x 50 structure has 12-foot overhead doors, making access to the barn easy for both customers and employees.

The drive thru route will be the same one customers have used in the past, with a slight modification. Instead of pulling around to the left, customers will follow signs that will direct them to turn right into the barn and receive their corn inside and then exit through the new driveway. 

Why is it important: Puckrin Farms’ Mike Puckrin says the decision to build the barn came after inclement weather hit the area. Planning for the new building started last fall.

“After last year’s hail storm, we felt we needed to protect and make our employees safer,” Puckrin says. “We wanted more of a solid overhead canopy.”

Not only will that solid canopy protect employees, but it also will allow customers to know when Puckrin’s is open for business. When poor weather has hit in the past, the Puckrins would have to open up the stand late or close early to protect their workers.

“In the past when it rained or it was windy, we moved the tent into the barn and everyone thought we were closed,” Puckrin says. “Now, if the front barn door is open, we are open for business.”

How to get involved: Customers can purchase sweet corn from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. every day.

“With this new building, my workers will be protected through all the weather that Mother Nature may give us,” Puckrin says, “and it will benefit our community as they will be able to get our sweet corn seven days a week, no matter the weather.”