First Congregational UCC celebrates summer services at Shoreline Park

The Shoreline Park Pavilion has transformed into a sacred space where the community comes together for Sunday summer worship. People from all walks of life are invited to join the open and affirming congregation of Shoreline Ministries First Congregational United Church of Christ.

What to expect: The gathering begins with homemade breakfast goodies prepared by Evalyn Vorman, a cherished 93-year-old resident of Harborview. Others provide coffee and assistance with set-up. The aroma fills the air, creating a cozy atmosphere that fosters a sense of togetherness.

Rev. Lenore Kure, the spiritual leader for the past 25 years, shares a profound proverb to kickstart the gathering: “Time spent laughing is time spent with God.”  Jokes are shared, breaking the ice and setting a lighthearted tone for the weekly witness.

Upcoming speakers: Rather than a traditional sermon, individuals from the community step forward to give personal testimonies on how the incredible love of God has impacted their lives. The next two speakers are Jim Stauffer on June 18 and Buffy Greenawalt on June 25, with more speakers slated for July and August.

These heartfelt stories, often accompanied by laughter and tears, resonate deeply with the congregation. More than 300 community members have shared their faith witness, creating a tapestry of diverse experiences. 
A weekly offering is collected and donated to nonprofit organizations providing more than $37,000 over the past 25 years, making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. 

How to participate: Services are at 8 a.m. at Shoreline Park. Rain or shine, people come dressed casually, and even dogs are welcomed. The beautiful setting of the pavilion amidst God’s creation adds to the relaxed ambiance of the worship experience.