Adding a twist to week night fun: cocktail classes are a hit at Venue 634

What is it: Katie Korobkin, owner of Venue 634 and Sweet Potato Catering, is shaking up the community with a fun twist on cocktail making.

Once or twice a month for the last year and a half, Korobkin has partnered with local bartenders to host themed cocktail classes for the community. 

When brainstorming ways to utilize the Venue 634 space during the week, Liz Studer, an employee of Sweet Potato Catering and a local bartender and mixologist at Volstead Bar, suggested cocktail classes. Korobkin instantly saw an opportunity and the planning began.

Courtesy of Katie KorobkinGuests learn to properly shake cocktails at a Venue 634 cocktail class.The classes are a great experience for the community to socialize and shake things up during the week, Korobkin says. Since three different cocktails are introduced at each class, there is sure to be a drink that appeals to all guests’ preferences.

Typically, each drink coordinates with a theme by flavor or ingredient, yet is different enough to please most palettes. When it comes to learning new techniques, many guests love a shaken cocktail. Learning the correct shaking technique is engaging and a fun laugh for the table.

Egg white cocktails are another hit, Korobkin says. Egg whites are an ingredient most do not think to put in a cocktail, yet adding that bit of foam to the right drink is the perfect compliment. As a bonus, guests don’t have to worry about cracking the egg, as Korobkin and her team provide the egg whites to minimize stress and mess. 

Out of the many classes, Korobkin has her personal favorites, the pomegranate cosmo and the cucumber basil martini. She is looking forward to learning new favorites alongside her guests. 

Why is it important: Korobkin strives to include bartenders from Erie County establishments, which in turn helps to support the community by exposing guests to local businesses they may not have frequented before.

“Having the chance to highlight different local bartenders was a no-brainer,” Korobkin says. “We also get to shout out the bars that they own and/or work for to take the collaboration one step further. It’s an awesome feeling to spread the love and be inclusive.”

How to get involved: If you are looking for a fun evening with friends and family or want to meet other community members, Venue 634’s cocktail classes are a deliciously perfect opportunity. 

The next cocktail class is scheduled for May 24 with featured bartender Luetta Thomas from J Bistro. The featured drinks for the class are a strawberry lemon drop, cucumber mojito, and chocolate martini. Tickets are on sale on the Venue 634 website.