Downtown Sandusky's architectural charms: a journey through pictures

“Every great architect is - necessarily - a great poet.” Frank Lloyd Wright 

The city of Sandusky is experiencing a renaissance.

Part of that renaissance is re-discovering our downtown and the variety of architecture that is there.

Many of the buildings show surprises in architectural details that, many times, aren’t even noticed, even if you’ve walked by that building 100 times. But those details are not accidents. They were intentional and it’s our privilege to look for those details and enjoy them as they were designed to be enjoyed.

The photographs for this story are just a small sample of the building details downtown. The detailed photo is followed by a wide shot of the building or location. The photos are varied; from details built into the buildings, to newly added details, to a ghost advertisement for offices that were once part of our city and are long gone.

Next time you’re downtown, take a few minutes to look around and enjoy some of the silent poetry built for us to enjoy.