Cybersecurity is accessible and affordable with Ryan Keller and SecureSight

In a world where cyberattacks are on the rise, cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry. Ryan Keller, a 2003 Sandusky High School graduate, is the CEO and founder of SecureSight, a cybersecurity company headquartered right here in downtown Sandusky. 

Keller and his team at SecureSight are committed to providing cybersecurity and cyber resources at an affordable rate to the community and nationwide.

Keller, who was born and raised in Sandusky, began his IT journey right out of high school by jumping into various IT roles with hands-on training across the East Coast. Through his journey, he learned and saw that many small, local businesses do not have the proper physical and financial resources to handle devastating cyberattacks. That is where his passion for cybersecurity and his company, SecureSight, began.

He moved back to Sandusky from New Jersey around 2017 with an important goal in mind: to give back to his community in a way that provides cyber safety, education, and high-paying jobs. 

“Having grown up here, it was a natural transition,” Keller says. “After spending years on the East Coast, I saw the progress being made in Erie County and the amazing plans the City of Sandusky has in place that benefits the community and local businesses. While I am impressed overall, I did see the huge lack in technological and cybersecurity advancements at various organizations, which were becoming standards on the East Coast. With that, I started SecureSight to bring that level of advancement to the community I call home.”

One thing Keller wants the community to know is that cyberattacks can and will happen to anyone. He notes that small businesses are the easiest to target and hack due to the lack of security. We often hear in the news about large-scale attacks on sites like Facebook and Google, but cybersecurity threats are real and damaging even for small and mid-size organizations.

“I would like the entire business community to know that this isn't something that can’t happen to them,” Keller says. “It doesn't matter the size of your business. These attackers work as a business just as we do.

“These are serious things that happen to a lot of people, a lot of victims. The personal level this harm can do is just awful.”

This is where SecureSight and Keller's team play an important role in the community, as they provide accessible and affordable cybersecurity to their clients and partners. SecureSight provides a variety of cyber security and IT services, including 24/7 managed security services, managed detection and response, security audits, managed IT support and services, and more. 

“[Clients] get all the time security with a price they can afford because cyber security is frankly expensive,” Keller notes.

Keller sits on the EHOVE Cybersecurity Advisory Board, providing education and support to students for future jobs in the industry. (Photo/Courtesy of SecureSight)According to its website, SecureSight’s mission “is to move cybersecurity in the right direction by defending and protecting our clients and partners from the theft of sensitive data…”

“Defending it [data] is a very difficult thing to do; most organizations don’t have the tools to defend internally or the resources to start,” Keller says. “Our goal is to help those organizations defend and protect their data and digital assets.

“If I can do just one thing to help these people and prevent this harm, that's a win for me.”

According to Keller, data is the new oil. As global tensions have risen, referencing the war in Ukraine for example, these tensions have real effects on local businesses that Keller doesn’t think many people are aware of. 

“We really focus on protecting organizations on a cyber scale,” he says.

Along with SecureSights headquarters, there is an additional office in Tampa, Fla, which is an area where technology is booming and cybersecurity is becoming a hub. One of Keller’s goals is to help Sandusky become a hub for cybersecurity jobs, as it is a rapidly growing industry. On his journey to accomplishing this goal, he works with clients nationwide, many being right here at home. 

“It's important to me to develop this trade in the area, with a real goal to make this area a hub for cybersecurity jobs,” he says.

For Keller, providing education on cybersecurity goes beyond businesses and organizations. Keller also sits on the EHOVE Cybersecurity Advisory Board, providing education and support to students for future jobs in the industry. Helping students learn and become trained professionals in cybersecurity is a part of his goal of creating high-paying jobs in our community.

“The thing in my industry, it's very new,” Keller says. “Ten years ago, the job that I do just didn’t really exist. We are literally growing an entire community in this industry right now. These are essentially the first generation of students in this industry right now. They’re the future and also the beginning of the cyber security industry.”