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Our crew here at The Helm is excited to have you join us as we showcase the unique culture and beauty of Sandusky, its people and the surrounding area. We want to be at the forefront–the helm if you will–of the latest in local innovation, from food and beverage and education to manufacturing and arts and culture. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just visiting, we hope you enjoy reading about those who are innovating, inspiring, and moving the Sandusky area ahead.

In this first official issue, check out the story of brothers and entrepreneurs Ryan and Chad Whaley, and what they see for the future of their hometown. Additionally, high school junior Rylee Whelan suggests activities for those in the under-21 crowd.  While you’re here, read some of our back catalog, including the first-hand account of what it’s like living as a visually impaired teenager as high school senior Da’Nyah Porter shares her day-to-day life navigating the halls of Sandusky High School. You’ll also want to read up on Everwild Spirits and all that owners Rick Lynch and Gia Gennari-Lynch have in store for their downtown distillery. Those stories and more can be found here at The Helm.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback as we navigate the vibrant waters of Sandusky and the surrounding area together. Thank you for stopping by The Helm! Permission to board is granted.

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