What to do on the North Coast if you’re under 21

The City of Sandusky has been home for my entire life. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, it is a beautiful tourist attraction. Unfortunately, many trips can become a drag when you're under 21, but I can assure you there are plenty of adventures to be had in a city like this. It's true, Sandusky is a place with many great pubs and drinking events, but it's welcoming to all ages. No bars, no booze, no worries. Below is the ultimate guide for how to have fun in the Sandusky area. 

Escape Rooms by Franknicky
134 E Adams St., Sandusky

Have you ever wanted to go back to the 80s? Well, here's your chance! Visit the first escape room in the Vacationland region of Ohio. Travel through rooms full of locks and puzzles and find your way through this 80s-themed adventure. All rooms are designed to create a unique but challenging series of physical and mental puzzles. If the 80s aren't for you, travel through the Hotel New Yorker in search of a book of secrets, once belonging to Nikola Tesla. If the weather allows, enjoy a scavenger hunt through the city titled ''Unlock Sandusky'' and solve some more puzzles. Do your best to beat it all in under an hour!

Goofy Golf
3020 Milan Road, Sandusky

Goofy Golf is one of the liveliest places in town to visit. Race in go-karts on the radical raceway,  splash around in their bumper boats, or play one of their 50 arcade games. Last but not least, compete to beat your peers in a 36-hole goofy golf match. No matter your age, you're sure to find something you like. Even if you aren’t a big golfer, you can admire the unique designs and try to put a ball through the treacherous courses, which include castles, windmills, bridges and caves. 
North Coast Parasail & Water Sports
1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky

Fly over the skies of Lake Erie. Take off from a boat and shoot into the sky to look at the awesome views from over top of Cedar Point. If that's not enough, you can rent a powerful Jet Ski and fly through the water, or even enjoy a boat excursion through the Lake Erie islands.

7000 Kalahari Drive, Sandusky

Visit Kalahari Resorts & Conventions: a waterpark, safari, arcade, and spa all in one. There are numerous water slides, surf lessons, water buckets and my personal favorite, the lazy river. You can stay in more than 850 African-themed hotel rooms, and explore the arcade, including hundreds of games, laser tag, and 3-D movie theaters. Kalahari is a great way to experience a lot of fun in one area. Also available are personal fitness rooms, spa, sensor- friendly rooms, and halo therapy; and at the end of it all, you can go through the safari and feed the array of wildlife.

Soda Pops
209 W Water St., Sandusky

Take a blast to the past and visit Soda Pops candy shop. The small business located in downtown Sandusky is the best spot to discover retro candies and collectibles. The front of the shop has everything from vintage glass-bottled beverages to salt water taffies and baseball cards. Once you travel to the back of the shop, you can see old arcade games, toys, and antiques. Make sure to check out and support this unique small business during your stay.

Lions Park
533 Winnebago Ave., Sandusky

Lions Park is perfect for a nice day out. Its amenities include basketball, a splash pad, picnic shelters with grills, a playground, and a beach. You can fish off the rocks, look for beach glass, or even just enjoy the views. Sunset is the perfect time to come here, as the sun going down over the Lake Erie shores is perfect to view on the beach.

Paddle and Climb
305 E Water St., Sandusky

Paddle and Climb is the perfect attraction for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and the outdoors. Located in downtown Sandusky, they offer r paddle board and kayak rental you can take out on the lake. If that's not your scene, try the 32-foot indoor rockwall. You will be strapped into a harness and attempt to scale the wall to the top. They also have gear and apparel for any activity you might desire. This includes winter gear, sunglasses, skateboards, sandals, hats, and water bottles. 

Noble Fun Co.
127 E Market St., Sandusky

Channel your inner viking at Noble Axes, located in the Marketplace at the Cooke in downtown Sandusky. The object is to hit the wooden board with a target on it with a mini ax or hatchet. If hurling hatchets at a board doesn't interest you, try duckpin bowling, skee ball, old-school arcade games, or virtual reality gaming pods.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve
2715 Cleveland Road West, Huron

Just outside of Sandusky is this 427-acres of wetlands, full of beautiful protected animal species. More than 300 species of bird live here; they often stop to rest and eat before crossing the water. Each type of habitat on display here is host to different attractions, including a large beach overlooking Lake Erie, cattails on the marsh, and the renowned cardinal flowers in the woodlands.
Cedar Point
Up and running since 1870, Cedar Point is the #1 tourist attraction is Sandusky. With more than 70 rides and delicious dining, you're sure to have a whole day of fun. Cedar Point is so much more than an amusement park, with its beaches, lodging, and live shows.

Rylee Whelan is a junior at Sandusky High School. She runs cross country and enjoys going to the gym after school. She likes her job at Cameo Pizza and hanging out with friends there and outside of school.