Women supporting womenInternational Women's Day event brings together area women business owners

In today’s world, women's empowerment is not a trend. It is a lifeline, a community, a goal. And it’s a goal Venue 634 and Sweet Potato Catering owner, Katie Korobkin strives to achieve every day as an individual and business owner.

This is why on March 8th, International Women's Day, Venue 634 hosts an annual International Women’s Day event to bring celebration and empowerment to the community through shopping, learning, and networking. 

The event consists of 20 women-owned businesses, including Violet Pineapple Balloons, owned by Nikki Wade, and Lake Erie Aesthetics & Wellness owned by Dr. Janice Rice and Amber Keller CNP. 

“[The International Women’s Day Event] is really about supporting and uplifting women all around the community,” says Korobkin. “It’s about a feeling of community, coming together and highlighting local businesses so my vendors walk away feeling fulfilled and my clients leave happy and entertained. That is success.”

To Korobkin, female entrepreneurship is achieved through hard work, dedication, and most importantly, support. The Sandusky community is filled with dedicated female leaders and businesses who empower each other every day. While Korobkin could only dream of an event that every woman-owned business could attend, the International Women’s Day Event can only highlight the number of vendors Venue 634 can hold. However, Korobkin's efforts to uplift and celebrate all women shows her dedication and value to all women-owned businesses.

She attributes part of her success to the support of the Sandusky community and her fellow business owners, so for her this event is one of the few ways she strives to empower and give back to the community. 

“It’s about supporting women in any way you can,” she says. “It doesn't mean just purchasing, it can be carrying business cards, or writing reviews. I try to promote, share the word, and help other people get their names out there in any way I can.”

Korobkin is always searching for ways to collaborate. Whether that be through social media, an event, or taking business cards, Korobkin is ready to help and understands the importance of support when striving for success as a woman-owned business.

Rice, co-owner of Lake Erie Aesthetics & Wellness, has a similar view. To her, collaboration is the key to success in all walks of life. Keller and Rice attribute much of their success to the tremendous support they have received from fellow business owners like Korobkin, as well as the community, and friends and family. 

Collaboration, success, and empowerment all go hand in hand when looking to uplift and provide a positive outlook for women of all ages and backgrounds. Collaboration also drives inspiration which allows out-of-this-world dreams to become a reality for women, not only in the community but everywhere. Women sticking together and building off one another opens doors for opportunities, which is why the International Women’s Day Event is so important for the Sandusky community.

“Since opening Lake Erie Aesthetics & Wellness with Amber (Keller), we have felt such a sense of pride and just love from the community,” Rice says “I can’t explain it, but it’s been amazing and uplifting in every way possible. I would say this is why supporting all women is so important; we all need to feel loved, appreciated, and welcomed to succeed together.”

Wade, owner of Violet Pineapple Balloons, defines who female entrepreneurs are perfectly: They are “fierce, strong but passionate women.” These women can power through hardships and cultivate success with a positive drive for their passions. For most, it’s not easy being a woman, let alone a woman entrepreneur. 

Becoming an entrepreneur and building up a business in her own way iis something everyone should celebrate. The International Women’s Day Event provides a space for all strong, fierce women to come together as one empowering community. It is an opportunity for business owners and community members to network and lift each other in high spirits. 

“[Female Entrepreneurship] means that I can make the decisions, to say and do what I know is right,” Wade says. “I want my daughters to one day be empowered to take ownership of something, whether it's owning a business or entering a leadership role at a large company.” 

To hold an event on such a special day is something Korobkin is sincerely proud of, and Rice and Wade are honored to be a part of the event with other strong female business owners and community members. To them, this event is what female empowerment is all about: showing up for one another and involving the community to make this an evening filled with inspiration, laughter, and love. 

The International Women’s Day Event is scheduled for 5:30-7:30 p.m. March 8 at Venue 634, 634 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. Tickets are $35 and available through Venue 634’s website. The event will have cocktails, appetizers, chair massages, skincare consults, and shopping with a variety of women-owned businesses from the area.